LIMINAL RAIN | The words.

I. colours and you

We draw our lines in the sand 
To leave a mark that we’ve been here. 
If nothing but this moment is us, my friend 
Why am I that afraid of being still? 

About to leave here 
Together we fear 
This love and lust. 
It takes over us 
And makes us go on 
Like we’re fearless to trust 
Each other 
And look past 
Our own selves 
Morphing into those others 
Who won’t last

We try to love the ones we don’t 
Hurting patiently 
How much is left of you and me? 
We are free 
Or so we say 
Just to look the other way 
Bending palms till they crack 
To lose the urge to turn back
It’s a trap
Let go

Did I reflect a glimpse of a lie 
Looking into your eyes 
I think I know the answer deep inside. 
Aren’t you terrified? 
You’re on the move 
Did you ever stop 
Did you ever try 

Don’t turn back

We try to love the ones we don’t 
Hurting patiently 
How much is still left of you and me? 
Are we free 
What would you say 
Why do you look the other way 
Why do we forget 
To let the moments pass 
So they could stay with us

II. joists

I am by the sea 
And so are you 
I go there when I speak to you 
Right next to me 
I feel something no one can see. 
Some doors they close 
Before you know
Yet we say that there’s still time 
We are not done and 
We won’t fall
The greatest illusion of all

Even though we hide it so well 
We all know what’s in our personal hell 
Out of focus 
Deep asleep
We splice our storylines 
To hide in between 
But I want it all in mine 
I’m with you
You are not here

Maybe this pain we feel 
Makes what’s gone stay forever here

Afraid of playing the fearless 
Holding onto the dearest 
So hard that the knuckles turn white 
Stitching the things meant to be seamless 
Finding heroes in villains 
Telling ourselves it’s well worth a try 
To make what happened unhappen somewhere back in time

I wish we could talk 
I wish I could know that we will one day
Sometimes I feel we choose to draw our lives in coal and chalk 
While knowing that the rains will come and wash it all away  

Even though we hide it so well 
We all know what’s in our personal hell 
Out of focus
I’m here and so are you
This dreamlike haze I’m moving through
You have to go
This is a trap
I love you so
Please don’t turn back

III: lock 

Walking down the familiar streets  
Looking ahead, biting my lips 
The sixth sense reigns over me 
Five blocks more and we’ll be free 
Wondering why it feels so strange 
Four strangers ahead, someone tries to engage 
I hear me say three words on the go 
I feel time is running low
Stopping feels like a mistake 
Two blocks ahead I have a turn to take 
The one I’ve taken so many times before 
I imagine my footsteps approaching the door 

Consumed I feel how much I care  
I’m on my way 
Soon I’m there 
Consumed I feel how much I care  
But I’m not really there
I’m not

Disappeared behind the corner, far and away
If we are strangers now 
Who’ will keep us sane? 
What if our eyes lock again someday? 
I know it would all stop
Would I choose to look away? 

Trapped by a need of change in me 
I think I could not see 
This all behind my back 
It’s all the same in front of me
Aren’t we living for the empty spaces 
To fill in the blanks that we feel we must 
To mirror times and places 
That we so wanted to last

All we do is disappear around the corners 
Losing each other, turning into roamers 
Running blindly away 
Why do we secretly hope to make it back one day? 
If our eyes lock 
Would I choose to look away? 

IV: thoroughfares 

Flickering light  
This place is so crowded  
This night 
Or is it still day 
What would you say 
I think I lost sight  
Of time 
We are all here to hide 
Bending the lines 
Trapped in between 

This place is a hive 
Dozens of stories coming alive 
Holding hands feels like a must 
Hands lock in endless lust 
Fast past the unsaid and undone 
Being past being someone to no one 
This moment is the one. 

I think I’ve seen 
All colours bleed
They meet 
To meld into each other 
In need 
I don’t need any of it
I want to feel 
Black and white
You stay or you leave
Let go or hold tight
I need to feel I’m not losing time
I need to feel I’m not losing

Just to feel free 
And fine for a moment in time 
Your hand in mine  
Do it for me 
Or for yourself 
See if it means something 
See if it would mean something 
You already know the answer so well 
We fill ourselves up with stories  
Which one would you choose to tell? 

Look, can’t you see 
Those colours bleed  
They meet 
To mould  
The new roads  
We are dying to need  
But this isn’t fucking it
I need to feel 
Black and white 
You stay or you leave 
Moderation aside 
When hiding stops feeling right 
When hiding stops we start to feel

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